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Two New Dreams (December 2015)

With Christmas vacation comes my brain’s opportunity to play in the Dream world.. and remember them. The dreams, are odd, and worthy of writing down… perhaps one day I’ll understand them more. Got an opinion on the meaning? Do let me know what you think.

Dream, December 21, 2015

My fiancé and I are in the upstairs of a house in a small town.  I think we may live there or we just moved there.  I decide to go on this trolley type thing, a tourist thing – which takes us above the road (like a gondola), and above trains.  But instead of a beautiful landscape I see fires everywhere. Farmhouses on the landscape (hills and trees) are burning, patches of grass, trees, one off fires and patches of fires.  I see caves, caves where creeks run through them; where fire is sparked up inside, and fire dancing on water.  There is commentary about the fires and that we are going to turn around… we do so, and I see steam coming from the caves now… as the fire meets the water in the caves.

The trolley stops at a fireman’s blockade and I get out.  There is a large wounded squirrel/otter type creature on the ground with what looks like a broken paw.  I approach it and it comes up to me.. and then crawls up to my shoulder and stays.  It is adorable and I decide to take it home so it can heal.  My fiancé meets me at the other side of the blockade and we drive home.

I go home and am worried our house will be next to catch fire as it is old.  I tell my fiancé this but he does not seem worried.  I place the squirrel on a couch or a bed.  Now my father is there as well, and a woman who looks like the actress Sigourney Weaver.

I go downstairs for a bit then come back up, looking for the squirrel. It moved and I call out to it. The cats come first but then the squirrel/otter type animal comes out to me also and again, curls up to me.  I pet it awhile and then move.. and it scurries out to a hall.  But in the hall suddenly a car appears.. trying to get in and turn in the hall from the outside. It’s a red shiny convertible sporty car.  I yell for the car to stop but it runs over my little squirrel. I scream and run to it… a grey haired man in golf (plaid) pants and a golf like hat, gets out to look but he’s killed my squirrel.  I turn away from the bloody mess that is before me. I am inconsolable.  I feel guilty I let the poor thing in my house only to be killed.  The Woman who is there says something callous and I bark at her.. and then I yell at the  man for coming in and not listening to me to stop.  the woman takes the body of the squirrel away..

that is all I can remember.

Dream, December 26, 2015

This dream was long, with many strange parts, somehow connected.

It started off with me at a gallery type location, only, this gallery was a mix of digital media company and an actual painting gallery.  I remember seeing some old faces from my digital media days there, but for the most part, the computers and desks were mostly empty of people.  Just then someone notes my painting work, and starts pulling out raw canvas from a drawer that is all my work.  I cannot remember it exactly, only that it is nothing that I have ever *actually* painted, and it was in a style I’d not expressed before.  However, it was really nice work, and I remember liking my own work.  The paintings are going to be displayed in the gallery…

I walk towards the gallery part of this building.. which is mostly a large hall with white walls.  there is a downstairs and a staircase to the side, in the middle of this large room. The gallery seems to be at the front and the digital media space at the back.  Between the spaces is a dark skinned woman in what looks like Aladdin like clothing – I understand her to be a psychic or medium, and she tries to sell me on a reading.  I tell her she is a fraud and to leave me alone.  She counters and I get angry with her.. at which point I am set upon by two men, two persian looking men also in alladin type clothing, all red.

They say they need to read me to determine where my hostility comes from.  I tell them I don’t believe in such things, and try to argue facts and science with them.  Instead of arguing they just give me a bag of stones and marbles, and ask me to pick one.  So, because I didn’t also feel like arguing, I grab a stone, and put it on a table we are now around.

The stone is a white, blank stone.  They look puzzled and ask me to draw another.  It is also white, but with the words “white confirmed” on it.  Then they ask a question… about my anxiety, and I draw another stone.  This one is black that says on it “high”.  They ask other questions… but at the end of it, they say.. “you are over 3000 years old.. you should remember more than you do, why don’t you?”  I’m confused at this point… they say “someone blocked you from remembering, we need you to go back.”

At this point one of them touches me on my forehead and I am given a vision.. of being in front of another dark skinned woman in red robes. People dance tribal like dancing behind her.  She is in front of a fire pit.  She says to me.. “no, you will NOT remember!”.. I look at her closely with determination and she sees I am stubborn.  She gets up and comes up close to my face.  Her face starts to change and I see fangs… and she says loudly.. “If you remember I will TEAR YOUR FACE RIGHT OFF!”.  I am stunned and scared and pop out of the vision.  They ask me what I saw and they nod… and I say, “now I know why I don’t trust that psychic, she looks just like the woman in the vision”.  The men nod again… they say something to the effect of.. “this is powerful magic, it will be hard to break.”

I wake up.

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