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This is an older piece, reworked.

These concrete bricks make for lousy shoes. I could take them off,
but why shatter your expectations? I walk with awkward stride to
please all that you continue to despise.
I have become a vagrant, with my home in a shopping cart and the
last of my money spent on a two dollar scratch.

I need to change the light bulb. I need energy efficiency.
Give me all your green wisdom and preach to me on public television.

You taught me about crooked lines, yet told me to make myself straight.
I want to be the wind on a curve, and a flashpoint that teases.
You are lead in my pockets, and a blindfold of shame.

I release all your ties, you are free of all due burdens.
Fly to another cloud, and bear it rain.

I am mist burned up by sun;
I am the bee, bringing home honey to the hive.

About Trish Noble

Trish Noble. Dreamer. Writer. Artist. Thinker. Ponderer. Observer. Spouter of Opinions.

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