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I Said Something

I suppose it’s time for an update – before the website gets cold.
The dust is still finding a place to settle.  It’s been an odd few months quite frankly – and my emotions, the way I process emotions, the way the emotions process me, well, that’s all been shaken up – and not gently either.  I haven’t any clue on what to write – but, I suppose the aim is to just write, so here I go.

There are a lot of little tidbits to touch on. The first one is addiction – to.. diet colas.  I am finally succeeding at kicking that habit, and aspartame is now exited out of my life.  It went kicking and screaming too.  Nausea, migraines, muscle aches, joint aches, extreme irritation and grumpiness that I dare say would easily compare to that of a cigarette smoker quitting smoking – all of these things have happened during the detoxification process.  It wasn’t pretty, but i’s been over 2 weeks now, and I think I’m finally clear of craving central, and on to brighter skies.

The lack of aspartame products, has led to not craving sugar as much, or carbs, and by just eating a bit better, and kicking that toxin out of my body, I’ve dropped a quick 10lbs.  Yay me.  Next up – developing a new (as a friend put it) “food philosophy”.  It’s a work in progress.  For the first time, weight loss isn’t so much the goal, as a long term plan and mentally healthy approach to food, since, you know, food and I can have our disagreements.  Namely, I love it, and it causes me to get fat.  Also, people’s advice about food and I don’t tend to get along – I don’t want to hear a single diet tip, please. If you do insist on giving me dieting advice be prepared for glaring and a lecture on minding your own business. As I said, it’s a work in progress.
Questions on writing – this is still a big and looming issue. What do I write, how do I write it, how do I start? I did get a big boost out of the ze frank piece called “an Invocation for Beginnings” however, and since I was so inspired by it, I’m providing you with it’s LINK, and posting it as a video at the end of this post.  I love his approach to various bits of advice – he does so without an ounce of self righteousness or seriousness, he does so with frankness, honesty, and thankfully, with a ton of humour.  It’s medicine I can swallow, and I hope he keeps making his videos for a while yet.  I feel very new in my discovery of this brilliant human, and am quite gleefully perusing his videos. 

In other news, I’m seriously contemplating starting my own Meetup Group (or like minded organization).  I would call it the “North Shore Introverted Intuitives”, and it would be aimed towards the Myers Briggs Introvert crowd.  It wouldn’t matter what you’re last 2 letters are (T,F,J or P) – just be an I and N.  I figure it will give me the opportunity to meet fellow introverts, and make possible new friends, in my neighbourhood.  I haven’t found anything on the North Shore meet up wise that services a working full time Introvert – so maybe it’s the way to go.  Hey, maybe a SINGLES introvert meet up, oh.. I’m getting shivers. (I kid).  Anyway, I would love to create a place where Introverts feel safe being them.  And for any of my more extroverted friends reading this, I’m not doing it out of “loneliness”, it’s out of a desire to connect with like minded, local souls.  (I say this b/c I was recently told I was lonely, and here I was having NO idea! Isn’t it grand when people tell you how you feel?).

The last bit I’ll save for Valentine’s Day.  It’s never been my super favourite time of year.  I hate all the hype and expectation surrounding it. Isn’t that good ‘ole expression of love supposed to happen all year round? I think I may be extra grumpy this year because I’m cutting back on all things sugary and sweet, and my sort of significant other is detoxing – so, no wine, chocolate or dinner for me.  I’m going to be eyeing Valentine Candy with envy and woe – it’s all the damn day was ever good for anyway… chocolate, and lots of it.  Seriously, V-day is less about Hallmark moments and more about the Chocolate – and it gives this little Chocoholic much grief to miss out.  I whimper AND I whine!


And that my friends, or readers, or both, or neither, is the update.  I am endeavoring to write better content more often – like all things diet and chocolate related, it’s a work in progress.

Stay tuned.



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