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New Directions

So here I am – starting the dreaming pool over again, something new, something different, and a lot of what I’ve done already.  It’s just all in a new format – I dig the grid.

I also just need to say things.  I find myself on Facebook, the sole realm I used to inhabit in the “social” world – and I bite my tongue.  I don’t want to offend my friends.  I don’t want to get in “trouble”.  I want to play nice.  There is a part of me however that is quite tired of that paradigm, and I simply wish to express what I want to express and be myself.  I have things to say; they may not be important, and they may not be well liked, but they are mine.

I’ve often put my prose online hoping it would be read and appreciated, but, when I saw it wasn’t all together read or appreciated I took it down.  That made me question the reasons why I wrote in the first place.  Was I writing to please others and for an audience? Or, was I writing for myself because I have to?  The few months of having this site down, once again, shows me that I simply itch to express, and I have unburdened myself of the need for anyone to read it, or care about it.  Screw it, I just want to write.  And show pretty pictures, and videos, and all the groovy stuff I get inspired by on the Internet.

So here’s to new doorways, paths, and beginnings.  I may very well offend some people.  I may not.  I may think a lot more of my offending abilities than I actually have.  Not that I want to.. wait, well, I sort of do. I do in the way that I hope some thoughts I have make others think.. and discern a bit.  Or I’m self-aggrandizing.  It’s possible.

Anyway… on with the show.  Make sure you brought your popcorn.

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Trish Noble. Dreamer. Writer. Artist. Thinker. Ponderer. Observer. Spouter of Opinions.


  1. Hello Trish,
    I am happy for you that you (re?)-connected with your reasons and purpose for writing, being expressive, enjoying your creativity – congratulations. And, just a note, I rarely write on others’ websites but I still read, lurk, learn…I hope for you an inspired, sweet, smooth day!

  2. Aw, thanks Renee, I totally appreciate that you took the time to comment! Sending hugs your way 🙂

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